Art, Wine and Appreciation Events

Drawing on the tradition of the parlor visits, the host invites a select number of guests to an intimate venue to offer them a heartfelt and interesting discussion through the world of art. Nationally recognized artist, Emilka Danielczyk will deliver an inspiring conversation about the techniques used in various artworks while your guests sip wine that has been paired to match the senses of each painting.

Event Outline

  • We begin with a sparkling wine reception
  • The host introduces each guest and thanks them for their business, contribution, or friendship. 
  • Wine will be poured that has been selected to match a series of artworks.
  • Emilka Danielczyk, the artist will then teach us how to look at the artwork through the eyes of the painter. 
  • Your perception of color will shift and you will never look at paintings the same way. Whether or not you or your guests are art or wine enthusiasts, this memorable gathering builds connection that comes from learning together.

  • The venue, wine and food are your choice. We are happy to recommend vendors. 
  • About a dozen guests are an ideal number for this intimate gathering.
  • Your guests will learn about art and wine in a relaxed, fresh and inviting manor. 

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